The Creed of Recovery was founded May 30, 2017 to provide a structured setting for those seeking recovery as they become independent and self-reliant members of the community; however, the true foundation was being built over the course of many years of trial and error in how best to empower those in recovery without enabling them to continue in self-destructive behaviors.

The Creed of Recovery's housing program is located at 551 East Main Street in the heart of Lancaster, Ohio directly next to the BP gas station on the corner of North Mt Pleasant Ave. The Creed of Recovery counseling offices are located in a free standing building at the rear of the property, 551 1/2 East Main Street, with parking accessible off the alley.

Our out-patient counseling services are operated independent of sober living. We accept referrals from numerous providers and offer services to the general public, sober living is but one of the many services offered. 

Recovery Housing requires a self pay monthly program fee that includes every living need except food and clothing whereas our counseling services accepts most insurances.

We have identified three typical ways that a person comes into our services:

1. The person entered a medical detoxification and residential treatment facility and is now discharging and wants to continue working on their continuum of care with intensive out-patient as they adjust to a sober life - this person may or may not need sober living.

2. The person has identified that they have a problem and are seeking treatment before it reaches the point of requiring medical detoxification and residential treatment - this person may or may not need sober living.

3. The person has encountered trouble with family, friends, and/or an employer and was motivated to come in for an assessment by family and friends, or even possibly the court- drugs and alcohol may not be the primary issue - this person may or may not need sober living.

In all cases, we encourage the person to met with one of our social workers for a comprehensive assessment.

Our Recovery Housing location was selected largely because of central location for employment opportunities. Fairfield County offers a great many service, manufacturing, and retail job opportunities in Lancaster, Logan, Bremen, Pickerington, Canal Winchester, and Baltimore where we will help with transportation.  The counseling offices are ideally located in an underserved area.