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  • Intensive Out-Patient (IOP)  
  • Individual and Group Out-Patient
  • Aftercare
  • Family and Trauma Informed Care 
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Substance Use Disorders with  Co-occuring Mental Health 
  • Substance abuse assessments and referrals.
  • Individual Counseling 
  • Family Counseling

We accept most forms of insurance including Ohio Medicaid.


The Creed of Recovery includes recovery housing during the transition from active addiction to self-reliance. Recovery Housing is an important component when a person is leaving residential treatment and needs a structured setting to continue the recovery process as they build a productive lifestyle that is drug and alcohol free. 

The Creed of Recovery has a three phase structured transitional housing program where the program provides the structure and accountability at first and as the person works through the phases, the structure and accountability shifts to them personally.


Our certified professionals will meet with you to create a structured, yet individualized program that holds you accountable. If you are coming from alcohol and drug treatment, we strive to continue and maintain your discharge plan.


Our professionals work with the house managers to engender a real sense of community support. Support from others in Recovery is vital in developing an drug and alcohol free lifestyle.


Creed Recovery Housing program surrounds you with not only certified professionals who specialize in helping individuals with Alcoholism or Drug Addiction, but also peers to help guide the transition from treatment back to the general community. 

We strive to assist our program participants to continue with any treatment plan created at the time of discharge if coming from an alcohol and drug treatment center. All participants are required to successful complete all discharge recommendations from their treatment center.

After Care:

We recommend all program participants to continue after care even after discharging from our housing program. All participants are welcome back for community groups and outings.


Participants meet in regular scheduled groups facilitated by our counselor along with the house managers to provide support and help to develop a recovery program. This along with weekly drug testing and weekly curfews provide an excellent backbone for participants in early recovery as they develop their own recovery program.

Our Facility:

Our fully furnished facility helps to develop social opportunities with a strong support community. Housing includes Smart TV with Premium Channels, wifi, washer/dryers, and a facility Resource Room with Computer and Printer for participants’ use. We are conveniently located near public parks, libraries, courts, malls, theaters, and within walking distance of numerous job opportunities.

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